New Publication

ProSavings published new report highlighting the main ideas discussed during its Colloquium 2014 - available in Spanish only. 

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BLOG: Timing is everything. But in which direction?


What if we want to make remittance flows more regular and predictable?

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BLOG: Savings Groups, An Example of Financial Inclusion


Andrea Reyes shares her views on savings groups and their linkage to the formal financial system

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Updates from the project Savings for All

ProSavings Project executed by Financiera Confianza reaches 1,000 clients...

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ProSavings, led by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), is a regional program whose mission is to increase the access and use of formal savings products tailored to the needs of low-income populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more...


May 6, 2015
Read the testimonials from the beneficiaries of the ProSavings Program's Savings for All Project, which as of the end of March has reached 1,000 clients and 52... Read More >>


October 26, 2015
The XVIII Foromic will take place next October 26-28, 2015 in Santiago de Chile.  Read More >>