Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ProSavings Program being implemented?

ProSavings is a regional initiative targeting different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.
For more information on the projects that are currently underway, please visit the Projects and Case Studies section.

Who are the Program's beneficiaries?

The Program's direct beneficiaries are regulated financial intermediaries authorized to capture deposits, which receive Program funding to develop business strategies for offering formal savings products and services. The Program's end-beneficiaries consist of low-income populations living in Latin America and the Caribbean, including recipients of conditional cash transfers or other government payment programs.

What does ProSavings fund?

ProSavings provides financial support in the form of technical assistance for the development of business strategies that link savings to government payments. Specifically, funding may be granted in the following areas:

  • Development of business case to implement liquid or commitment savings products
  • Design or adjustment of savings products
  • Staff training for financial institutions as well as social protection agencies or financial inclusion programs
  • Promotional activities and marketing focused on savings products, tailored to the characteristics of the targeted client segment
  • Adaptation of information systems to incorporate new savings products
  • Development of alternative distribution channels for savings products
  • Development of customer service platforms
  • Impact evaluations
How can I obtain funding?

Institutions interested in participating must complete the online application available here.

How can I contact ProSavings?

For all inquiries regarding the ProSavings Program please contact