Andrea Reyes Hurtado
Program Coordinator
"ProSavings is an initiative to harness the savings capacity of low-income populations and narrow the existing gap between financial intermediaries and the bottom of the pyramid "
Fermin Vivanco
"Many families that are current recipients of social protection payments have access to microcredits and fulfill their payment commitments. Through planned savings, we aim to channel these commitments towards their own financial security; one that allows them to afford making investments and to absorb shocks "
Maria Luisa Hayem
"ProSavings contributes to enabling a savings environment for low-income populations; which will generate future opportunities for investing in areas such as household, health, education and business "
Claudia Gutierrez
"This program will allow us to convey how important savings can be for low-income people "
Juan David Reyes
"Savings is not about how much you save, but about how much you learn in the process. Savings represents more than money; it is a change of mindset and lifestyle "